Another TrYumph Transformation Starring Danielle

Hello TrYumph Nation and any future TrYumph Transformers,

This is our new TrYumph blog where myself and Team TrYumph will feature useful content and share our latest transformation success stories.

For our first success story, I want to share the video we shot earlier today with Danielle Swain. Check it out at the link below:

Danielle came to TrYumph Fitness 5 weeks ago with the goals on improving her overall health and fitness level, and to “lean up” and look more toned. 

As you  can see in the video, she is making phenomenal progress toward her goals in just the first 5 weeks. She has already lost over 7 pounds of fat and gained 1.5 pounds of muscle.

This is what “getting toned” is technically…Adding muscle and losing fat. And we help people do it simultaneously at TrYumph with our combination of strength and HIIT (high intensity interval training) based workouts, an easy to follow low glycemic nutrition program, body composition measurements, MyZone heart rate monitoring technology, weekly accountability, 24/7  virtual support, and the positive community we call TrYumph Nation!

Just this past week, we had 7 people post great “transformations” and I will do my best to share them all here for the world to see.

I am so THRILLED to see the transformation process I have been evolving for the past 10 years start to pay off… IN SPADES!

Stay tuned for more! Until then…

Train. TRANSFORM. TrYumph!

Coach Matt

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